I've had the privilege of watching an innumerable amount of sunrises and sunsets over the years. I've witnessed them from mountaintops and valleys, and while stuck in traffic in the middle of a sprawling city that had yet to go to sleep. A few times it was even when I had yet to go to sleep, and once it was because I'd been locked out of a hotel room (accidentally) and didn't know what else to do but sit by the pool and wait for morning. I've been in awe of almost every single one, because everything about it - the way the clouds moved, the way it crept over the tops of skyscrapers, the way it almost seemed as if I could reach out and touch it if I tried - made it seem like the most beautiful thing the world had ever seen. Maybe even the most beautiful thing the world would ever see. And we were lucky enough to witness such beauty twice a day, like clockwork and without fail. But then I sat on a beach, on a balcony, at a table in a restaurant that was right beside the window and overlooking the ocean, and had the opportunity to witness the way the sun and the moon traded positions in the sky overhead with you by my side and I realized that the beauty I had witnessed before paled in comparison. Maybe it's because we were in Hawai'i, or maybe it's because there is no one else in the world I want to share these experiences with. And maybe it's because everything about my life has felt so much more amazing since you became a part of it. Whatever the reason, I wish we could have stayed in that blissful bubble for just a little while longer, because every single second of the time that we were away was more amazing than I could ever put into words. Not even pictures could do them justice.