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When we meet in the quaint but beautiful garden just outside of a bistro in Bushwick at dusk, the New York native actress Nya Hass is elated. “ It’s dope right?” She grins as she takes in the candle lit table and relaxing picturesque scenery as she shrugs off a denim jacket that appears two sizes too big, revealing her tattooed arms. “ I love the vibe. It’s unique. It’s fun. It’s cool but in a low key way.” It is, admittedly all those things. It would also be an apt description of the woman herself. Her ensemble consists of an array of ill fitting clashing colors topped off with a straw hat over trademark dreads and Lennonish sunglasses but somehow it all works. She’s unique. She’s fun. And she’s most definitely cool though maybe not so low key. Her brand of cool is definitely noticeable and would be even if she wasn’t an actress though we -- or rather she, debates over whether any lingering looks shot our way are due based are attributed to her notoriety or not anyway. “ I think I just have one of those faces. People think they know me, for real. Like, we went to school together or I dated their cousin or something. And I guess that’s kinda nice. Sometimes I even play along. I’m like.. oh is so and so doing? Tell em I said hey.

It’s been ten years since the 32 year old has been on the scene since she landed her first role as jess merriweather on NBC’s television series based on the film Friday Night Lights by the same name -- the first of many frequent team ups with fellow co-star Micheal B. Jordan of whom she affectionately describes as an “ adorable dork ”. But it perhaps wasn’t until her Oscar nominated portrayal of Mildred Loving, one half of a mixed-race couple who challenged the American legal system for the right to marry that she was perhaps thrust the fullest into the spotlight and admittedly Hass remarks it as a time when things started to change… but only a little. “ Before Loving, I’m not sure photographers on the red carpet knew what to do with me. I don’t think they knew if I was the friend of someone or an assistant. After that, everyone is calling my name. But still, that’s only in the moment. On red carpets and interviews and film festivals. It’s this little taste of what the Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s of the world must go through and it’s kind of intense. I’m fortunate in that the further away from Hollywood, the less interesting I become. Which I kind of love. I love being able to exist and navigate in that world when it’s necessary but also being able to come home and ride the train or go to farmers markets or to the arts and crafts place to buy a bunch of yard cause I wanna make scarves and mittens for all my friends for Christmas. ” She laughs over a glass of wine before adding. “ Spoiler alert for any of them reading this.”

While only time will truly tell whether or not Hass will ever reach those intense levels of fame in which ambiguity is no longer an option, she certainly shows no signs of slowing down. In 2019 alone she’s had two films released, the spiritually akin to Purple Rain, Guava Island, the supernatural Velvet Buzzsaw and just next month is slated to star not only alongside Robert Deniro and Joaquin Phoenix in Joker but also Disney’s real-live action remake of Lady and the tramp. “ I know it seems like a lot. You film all these things -- sometimes a year in advance, and then they all get released in kind of a lump and you worry about being in people’s faces too much almost. But, I’m proud of the work and I’m happy for it to be out there.”