Happy Anniversary

People always ask me how we've been together for so long and still manage to actually like each other. Like we should have gotten tired of each other now but I dont think thats the case. It implies a time limit. Like we can only remain interested for a few years and then we've gotta move on. Since we first started to date I've never wanted to be with anyone else. The way I feel about you has changed though. I don't love you like I loved you back then when life was easy and all we had to worry about was my parents finding out I had practically moved into your apartment. I love you a thousand times more. Now that I know what it's like to lose you. What it's like to marry you. What it's like to see you with the daughter we dreamt into life. I know I'm not always easy to love but I hope you never give up on me cause I'd be lost without around because you literally are my other half and nothing works right when we're apart. Thank you for being my husband. Love you forever.