full name vera mae hayes (formerly yeun) date of birth june 12, 1986 / 30 hometown huntington beach, ca occupation graphic designer + street artist + podcaster status married children Snoop
Born to a troubled young woman who was unable to put the welfare of a child first before her penchant for the wild nightlife, Lola's first years of existence left little memories of good. At age four, she found herself placed in a stranger's home after being removed from her mother for child endangerment and neglect. The scope of drugs and broken promises of men, controlled the young woman while she never disputed ever gaining her child back. Lola's transition to one home to another was one year or two years at a time. Some homes were hubs of safety, while others had the potential for chains of abuse. She was protected by older kids who she shared these experiences with, until the delight of a couple who came from the same world, wanted to add to the small family they started. Lola's life changed from dreaming of having a stable family to one that actually occurred once time in the care of the Daniel's happened to show her the light of what security and love actually looked and felt like.

Someone wanted to care. People wanted to have a reason to instill hope and other values that were necessities for a blooming childhood and slowly into adulthood. The couple, along with the child of their own, wanted to cultivate dreams that were unreachable in the eyes of kids often discarded. Lola learned early on to be brave and continue to dream so that one day all her troubles face would be obstacles beatable by hard work. The only thing others did not bank on was her need for the spotlight. In school she worked to achieved great grades, or just be the teacher's star student. She wanted to join every club made available and be at the top but she found her niche in small choirs or even a glee club. Her admiration for music translated in notes and chords offered by singers before her day and others she grew up listening to. Knowledge from spans of the musical categories that often were black sounds ranging from blues to jazz to soul, and modern rhythm and blues, helped coddle a sound and confidence that she could be a musician. Vocally stated, her push in that direction was halted at times for the push of academia by her adoptive father.

He was adamant of her place as a young woman to go for what was best and what was best was okay, but not bad. It didn't make her tingle or washed away the error and part of society she was born into. It didn't gloss over the imagery of what having no family or anyone except the state, did to her as a young girl. Being obedient wasn't asked of her, it was expected and she did so because after all, her life and it's trajectory could have went in a complete different direction like others who were less fortunate of not having a decent and ambitious family take her in. She owed her life and even her own dreams to them. So it hurled a new fight, one that marked her on a path to follow in a similar direction with the head of the household while her adoptive mother nurtured and also taught her ways of becoming a young woman, with the disadvantages and advantages that were there to stay.

Lola made the ascent through her teen years better than expected and nearly soured once the new chapter turned to college. Years serviced in learning about an attraction to the study of the earth and it's climate, was a pill too large to swallow. It was also a test to her will trying to become an adult in atmospheres that bred many distractions. Music was that and men who shared the same passion became the ultimate distraction. GPA's suffered, expectations were wildly ignored as her will to remain on track was compromised and her parents would soon find out. Academic probation was a step close to losing out on a budding experience that would further shape her career as a woman in the field often not spoken about from the place she came from. It took many tries and talks through college friends to escape the hold that her dimming passion had. Lola escaped unscathed but it left her unprepared in the job market. She moved around before landing in Boston, working out of a local news station with its weather team. It started as an internship, with promise of full employment if continued education would happen.

It did, leaving her to not pass up graduates school. She managed to fly through with some difficulties here and there. This gave her time to reflect with an opportunity to give back. As volunteering helped fill her soul and also some hope for others, Lola learned to lean on people who could be her and vice versa. She enjoyed learning through others experiences, including kids that was once like herself. This continued on, and so did her path of claiming excellence. Privately her life was a realm of good times and bad at best. She obtained her masters a few years down the line and her job at the news station opened up with an opportunity to work for local 7 news, a nbc affiliate. The excitement was there and she worked along a team of meteorologists and weather experts before she ever was thrown in front of a screen by chance. Filling in for a sick on air forecaster, Lola saw her star shine once again. Natural in front of the camera, got the eye of the producers and other behind the scenes hands, causing an almost permanent job to be her own. Lola's face was on billboards as part of the team. She showed up during some of the state's most serious weather happenings, and never backed down from the challenge.

That was until an off air romance turned into a situation where a lover slighted wanted her ruined. Lola's involvement in a tape leak scandal wasn't her own doing but a jealous lover who felt neglected and overshadowed to the job that she so dearly fell in love with. His actions not only discredited her, but also cost her a job after it spread through like wildfire of their liaisons. Feeling scalped by the lost of her job and severed relationship with not only the news station, but working relationships there, Lola spiraled shortly into a depression. The only thing that sent her into a better space while she picked herself up, was reconnecting with a former friend who invited her to sing. It wasn't television, but a stage shared by people who accepted her, including for the shame she had to bear before a community of her peers and family. As a woman slowly rediscovering her place in the spotlight of life, Lola endured misfires and doubts to continue, but resurfaced as doing what she loved without having to jeopardize her happiness and growth for it.

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